Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pet Factory Vernon- New Guinea Pig

We heard from the local rabbit rescue that there was a guinea pig at the Pet Factory in Vernon, NY. We had just been there that day and saw her but didn't think much of it, because they always sell them, and pretty cheap too.

But the rabbit rescue said they sell them as snake food because they are so cheap. They wanted 16.99 (to be exact) and while I thought people wouldn't pay that much, I was wrong. Against the idea of not supporting pet stores that sell animals (common to loving guinea pigs) I was unsure if I should go get her. I would be supporting them selling her, but I had already seen her, and I just felt awful that she would be fed to snakes, having such a sucky life so far, I wanted to give her better.

We called, they still had her, and I went to get her. I walked up to the counter said I want the female adult guinea pig. They went and got her and boxed her and I began my questioning:

Where did you get her? (I'd like to contact the breeder I would take any pigs they didn't want)
-oh someone just couldnt handle her and the babies

Why is she so cheap?
- we just want to get rid of her (hence why take her in the first place?) and we get them locally so don't pay a lot for them so we sell them cheap (previous conversation said they pay $5 per baby and nothing for adults) equaling $16.99 margin for each pig (babies are $21.99)

Don't they go as snake food then?
-not as much anymore because of the laws of bermese pythons, except for the people grandfathered in they can't own them anymore. so a few do go for snake food but not many anymore (notice it wasn't because they give a hoot what happens to the animals they sell- apparently at all, as long as they get the money)

By this point she seemed a little annoyed, not that I cared but I wanted to go. I dont particularly like the idea of feeding guinea pigs to snakes, when they are such great pets, so intuitive, etc. Regardless of the circle of life- I hate snakes anyway, can't they eat old guinea pigs who die of natural causes instead?

I probably won't go back, I didn't like the food they offered and it was pretty pricey $38.99 for 22.5lbs? Geesh, and it was supposedly premium but those extra pieces aren't healthy for them anyway.

And on the way home from the pet store, I was holding her and got kicked twice- that's right! We are expecting baby guinea pigs AGAIN! 3rd time this year- thank you ridiculously irresponsible owners out there!

Hope that didn't sound too sarcastic. Just love piggies :)


  1. Just FYI, snakes won't eat dead animals, so you do have to feed them live prey. While this is difficult and unfortunate, pet owners who have snakes love them just as much as those who love guinea pigs.

    On the "plus" side, snakes don't have to eat as often as mammals (sometimes as a little as once a month).

  2. Hoo boy, more babies. Still, I'm glad you rescued her. I've seen guinea pigs there many times, but they don't separate them by sex, so you know they've been selling pregnant females and just don't care.

  3. God, I HATE pet stores!!! It wouldn't be so bad if the people who worked there were educated and actually cared about animals. I wish I could take some of the babies when they're weaned but I've been turning people away in the last week; it's been crazy here with people giving up their guinea pigs.


Special Notice:

Guinea Pigs are very social animals. If you are considering adopting one, please consider having more than one for improved health and personality.