Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sara is Nursing

I got up a few times during the night to see how things were going. I knew I had to feed the babies if she wasn't so I kept checking. I figured if they were hungry I would hear it, but the few times I came out she had them right under her.

Jason checked this morning too, after I was finally asleep and saw her nursing too. After she just didn't really want to, but luckily they didn't give up. They are eating and hopefully will grow to be big piggies. The cage is quite quiet today as they are all snuggled under the bunkbed together.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Orphaned Guinea Pig Pups

I got an email today from a very nice lady in Syracuse who just happened to get her hands on 2 orphaned babies born the same night Sara lost hers. We were able to meet her tonight to get our mom (sara) and the 2 babies together to see if we could help them all out.

Sara had been sitting quite still and while still eating and such she just seemed sad :(

The babies started squeaking right away, and we got them all in a cage together. Once we were home I sat down with them all to see if Sara would take to them.

After first it didn't seem like she was interested. But after I put them all on my lap in a nice warm fleece blanket she snuggled on my chest and let the babies nurse for a good 10 minutes.

Now I can't be sure they were actually getting anything and I had already given them some of the kitten formula to be sure, but it looked like it was working. My fingers are crossed and we are looking for any tips to help them bond and such as they (I'm sure) can use a mama.

Originally we thought both babies were aby, but one looks texel to me. Of course we won't be sure until they grow more. Hopefully it all works out. Thank you Jenn from Oswego County Guinea Pig Rescue for hooking us up.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Mama Guinea Pig- Sara

As everyone knows we have been waiting for Sara to give birth. She was quite large and I was getting worried that she would have a huge litter. The other day we stopped feeling the babies moving around so I got even more concerned, but figured it could just be that she was very close.

Well yesterday night around 9pm I went to check on her, and there was blood and fluid, and it all began. I should warn you now that the babies did not make it, they were all born detached from the placenta (cords broken) and had no life to them at all.

We called the local vet after an hour and she offered to take a look but told us that she had never done anything like this and gave us other names to try. She has done other work well, but seemed to be a bit uncomfortable trying to do a cesarean on a guinea pig, as she's only done spays. She told us to call Cornell animal hospital so we did and the on call student had no idea what she was talking about.

Around 1030pm we called our vet back and asked her again what we should do, she said to call another vet and we tried them. They wouldn't let me talk to the actual vet and told me to just leave her be and she'll deliver. If you've ever read about guinea pigs, that isn't exactly the case. They should have all the babies within about 40 minutes of the first contraction. We were well past that.

I should say the Cornell student had told us to check on her every few hours, and as long as she was having a pup an hour she was fine- Umm NO!!!

At midnight we finally saw something coming out, it wasn't moving along well but I cleaned off the face before it was even out, no breathing. She sat for a couple of hours and at 2 another was in the birth canal, I tried to help by sitting with her and when it was out I could grab it, clean it, etc.

At 2:30 she had another and the last at 2:45. I could tell it was the last by her stomach. We sat for awhile and she never even tried to clean them, though I had as soon as they were born. She knew they were gone I think. After an hour I went to bed and got her back in her cage all set up with food, water, etc. This morning we found the after birth, I was glad that made its way out.

She's been eating well and drinking a lot. I am going to keep a very close eye on her to make sure she keeps moving around, eating, etc.

The babies were HUGE, about 4 inches to 5 inches long. Too big to make it out alive I think. She won't ever get pregnant again though, because we are keeping her. While some of the vets (not ours) had said to leave her alone, she looked for me and wanted me to pet her head, hold the water bottle close by, etc.

I talked to our vet again and she said it sounded like she was just aborting them and it took so long because they were already gone. We are keeping a close watch on her and hopefully all will be ok. She is eating, drinking, sleeping now. I do not blame our vet, she was being up front with us. I think were gone way before birth as these things happen with guinea pigs. I am just glad I was there for her at the time.
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Local Guinea Pig and Rabbit Links

I met a nice lady on Guinea Pig Cage Forum, and she had a few cool links to share. If you are interested in rabbits, check this out:  Her Blog  Her Etsy Shop- I have not bought anything here just yet, we have some vet bills to take care of first :)  The items look awesome and she is local to Central NY.  Upstate NY House Rabbit Society- Adopt, Rescue, Foster, etc

Got more links to share, send in comments or email and I will post them.

Charlie the guinea pig has been adopted

We just had a family come and pick up Charlie, he was such a sweetie, and will be missed. I am sure he is going to a great home though.

Now we are down to 12 boys for adoption.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Baby Bunnies for Adoption- Vernon Center

I met a nice lady in Vernon center who does Rabbit rescue and would like to post a link to her latest Craigslist post, the bunnies are cute and she has others available as well. Contact her if you have any interest or know anyone interested in getting a bunny.

Oneida Guinea Pigs

Sorry about the title, just trying to get more search engine traffic.

Yesterday we adopted out Peaches and Cream and I almost cried- they are such sweet girls but I'm sure they are going to a great home, the people were really nice and animal friendly.

We adopted out sweet pea and snickerdoodle too, but they were back this morning. It seemed that the other guinea pig they were to live with was not done with grieving her previous cage mate- poor baby. She was beautiful though, I would have taken her in and kept her :)

We have a lot of males available for adoption- some pairs and we are going to post two more that haven't been seen yet. These guys are so lovable. Lax and Mittens, two Americans that are nice and big and spoiled and a bit dominant, but have adjusted well to being with us. You can tell by watching them that they miss their owners- atleast Lax does so we handle him very often.

Penny is one of our own guinea pigs that we decided to keep from someone who was just looking for a good home for them. She has two abscesses and we took her to the vet the other day to the tune of $152. They are a great exotics vet though and come highly recommended. Then after we got home I left one of her meds out all night- what was I thinking? Grr... luckily the vet was great about it and someone donated some meds for us to use- How awesome Village Vet!

We may have to take her back though if the antibiotics don't help. But I think all will work out- she will be fine and she's still eating like a piggie.

Also, our pregnant guinea pig is still pregnant and HUGE, she barely fits in her pigloo now and I just feel so bad for her. I feel the babies kicking in there like crazy and wish they would come out and give her a break. I've been wanting to call her Sarah, she's just so lovely. I will be posting lots of pics once the babies show.

That all said, if you know someone who wants to adopt a male piggie, please send them this way.

Friday, September 24, 2010

15 Boars- Males for Adoption

It seems people have lately been more interested in adopting females than males. We now have about 3 girls and 15 boys for adoption. Please ask friends and family who have guinea pigs or are looking for the perfect pet to get a guinea pig. They all require a friend for the best care. They are social animals and even in one cage 2 can fit happily.

In fact read this article about getting another guinea pig or about how social they are. They need a friend

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thanks for the Comments

I am going to be posting on other websites to find homes for the piggies. It's not that I don't like them or anything, there are just so many and we have babies coming too.

She is so big by the way, after she has them I am going to post pictures of her before she has them and after and the babies.

If anyone has other suggestions on places to post, please email

Saturday, September 18, 2010

15 Guinea Pigs for Adoption

Charlie and Ellie are now up for adoption. They are doing well, and are listed on the available page.

We Have More Guinea Pigs

We picked up a new guinea pig today, and one yesterday. Tomorrow we have 2 more to pick up in Chittenango- yeah!

We have to find these guys homes. We now have several guinea pigs for adoption and I am going to be posting on craigslist and kijiji, does anyone have any other suggestions?

I think I am going to edit the adoptables page.

We did have a 14 year old boy who got a guinea pig today. He adopted the one we picked up yesterday named Jugga- I believe he will rename him. It was a sweet cavy, and just under a year old. I didn't even get a picture of him :) Will have to ask the mom.

So we have several left- let's find them homes. Share the link to this website or my email or leave a comment here. Post on your facebook account or even twitter.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We Are Getting Close

Tonight Mama was acting funny, so we are going to bring her cage into our room just in case. I can still feel the babies moving in there, but she kept rutting her butt, it was really odd.

We still have 6 females and 9 males for adoption. We were playing with Mudflap and Skids tonight and they are the sweetest orange boys I've ever held. So sweet and loving, they sit quite still while you hold them. They love hay and you couldn't ask for nicer boys.

Even the girls don't mind them being close- their cages are close by, they don't try to run away from them when they come out or anything, like the more interested males :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Piggies of the Day- Jetfire & Optimus

These piggies came to us from a barn near Bouckville. They were going to go to auction if no one took them. We didn't want them to go as snake food.

One is white with gray on the face. He looks like he is dirty but he's very clean, we gave him a bath. He's more social than Optimus, and will come to you to get Kale. He sleeps in a 4 in PVC pipe nearly all of the time, and has gorgeous red eyes. He is such a lover.

Optimus is multicolored and medium length hair. He has a lot of white on him as well. Beautiful guy that needs more socialization, he just hasn't responded well to all that we have shown. He is very tame though, will sit on you for hours if you wanted him to, and loves him hay, Kale, and food. He sleeps in a pigloo and needs to go home with Jetfire.

Great guys, you can come and see- fill out the application or email me to set up a time.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Pregnant Guinea Pig

We found out for sure the other day that the orange mama who is under adopted is definitely pregnant. I felt a baby kick. We have no idea when she is due, she must have come pregnant because we double check everyone and certainly know the difference. I had figured she might have gotten pregnant because she was in with other pigs of both sexes. I guess we are lucky she was the only pregnant one.

We now have her in her own cage and she has been acting really odd today, so we are waiting. She seemed much bigger this morning too, I just can't believe she would be due so fast. We just found out for sure the other day. That all being said, we will post as soon as she delivers and we have pictures. Praying for everything to go well..

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where Can I Buy A Guinea Pig for A Pet?

If you are looking to get a guinea pig as a pet, the first thought to cross your mind would be to go to the pet store. But WAIT...

Did you know that there are rescues all over the United States that have guinea pigs available for adoption? Not only that but there are many places you can get them.

Rescues just for Guinea Pigs
Humane Societies- chances are you won't find them on their website
Craigslist- in your area, go to Community, then Pets and search

The point is there are guinea pigs all over that need you to adopt them. And more specifically you don't want to adopt from the pet store. Often times they come already pregnant, sick, inbred, etc. While it is tempting because you feel bad for them, the only way pet stores will stop breeding and selling them is to make them lose money doing it.

Why should they stop selling them? First of all they don't take care of them well at all. Many come with pieces of their ears missing, sicknesses spread easily, males and females mate and come pregnant, etc. I've been in way too many places that have too many pics in one area, including the federal requirements. Some may infect pigs you have at home, or they have parasites or mange. Last but not least they are often mis-sexed, where you are sold a male thinking it is a female.

Another thing people don't realize is that the staff at pet stores are often not educated as to what is good for the animal. Many times people are sold cedar bedding as a good option, which can make your pig very sick. Store employees also offer treats, and food that unnecessary. For instance you see Huge Balls for Guinea pigs at the store, for them to run in them around the house like a hamster. Guess what? Those are bad for their back bones...

Research as to what is best for your pet should only be done by you, read from sources you trust. And do not buy your guinea pig from a pet store when you think: Where Can I Buy A Guinea Pig for A Pet?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

2 Guinea Pigs Adopted

Yesterday we met a nice girl Rachel to send Daddy to his new home. The day before we met Mary and she was looking for a female to go along with another agouti (I think) female.

Meeting Rachel was fairly easy and Daddy went to her quickly. He was a laid back piggie, didn't mind others. We did meet in Clay which is one of the few Tractor Supply Stores that sell the 50 pound bags of Guinea pig pellets. They had them (our store still does not :(  and we went to get it. Just so happened that a worker was there and saw that the wrong price was posted so we got it for $8.89 for the whole 50 pounds. Dennis was awesome!! The brand is blue seal and many feed stores carry it, but few TSC do.

Meeting Mary was nice too, she was interested in Wooly bear but she is dominant and within a few minutes of putting her next to Mary's other pig they began nipping each other. I'm confident they would have eventually gotten along but it would have taken time, so we tried another pig. We called her Shadow, she was part aby and part american. They seemed to accept each other well and there still hasn't been any trouble. She has been renamed Sarah and she's enjoying her new coroplast and cubes home.

While emailing with Mary she shared a link with me to show me some other great ideas people are using to give their pigs hiding places. While pigloos are very common guinea pig enthusiasts are replacing them with bunk beds, padded tunnels, sleeping bags (I don't know the actual name, but that's what they remind me of) and cozy corners. In fact Christina who runs a sanctuary for guinea pigs in Oneonta doesnt use pigloos at all. She uses plastic stools and other hiding spaces, so that they have as much room to run as possible.

In the past few days we have added a bunk bed to the upstairs girls cage, as well as a second level loft for their hay consumption. They have a ramp that goes up there, and Jason (hubbie) wants to add a cozy corner up there as well. I will post pictures soon, but they get it all poo so quickly, and yes we have kept up with using the vacuum, now if I could just get that one piggie to give up her water bowl, lol.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Vacuuming Guinea Pig Cages- First Try

Today I noticed the upstairs girls' cage was quite dirty (day 4 after change) and there was a LOT of poo. I decided that it was a pain to brush it all up while they were running around scattering it, and I would try to use the vacuum to clean up the fleece.

You are probably thinking, ahh... those poor girls, but it wasn't bad at all and I do believe I will try it again. I'm even considering finding another vacuum to use downstairs instead of the sweeping. I used the hose and the vacuum isn't too loud, but they stayed away from it for the most part. I used the lint brush attachment and sucked away. There wasn't enough pee anywhere to cause issues with the vacuum and it was a lot less stressing on my back.

One guinea pig, who is especially sensitive was scared, but she is always hiding so I took her out while I was doing it. Their fleece is now mostly clean, and tonight we are considering putting in bunk beds for the girls to use instead of all of their pigloos.

As for pigloos we are getting 5 today from a donation, 3 large ones that I am particularly excited about, and 2 smaller ones that are more than welcome in our larger cages. I might even be able to add another floor to one of the cages so that the pigs can have a pigloo up there as well. So much fun to have guinea pigs and to check out the cages photo gallery on the forum

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Banana- Not for Adoption Yet!

We went yesterday to pick up a guinea pig in Illion, NY. We are located in Oneida, NY so it didn't take long. Anyhow he seems like a great guy, loves apples, not so much with the lettuce, ate a ton of hay on the way back here and drank lots of water. He's so sweet and looks a lot like the one we are picking up at the fair Monday. What do you think? He isn't up for adoption yet, but he is our newbie.

Special Notice:

Guinea Pigs are very social animals. If you are considering adopting one, please consider having more than one for improved health and personality.