Thursday, October 28, 2010

Long Time No Post- Lots of Piggies Still Available

It's been awhile since I've posted. But there have been a few changes. We finally got the two boys that were not allowed to live with other guinea pigs to stay with most of the other boys. We had to take one out because he was constantly harassing all of the other boys, it was ridiculous. He will continue to go back to visit, but I don't want him there long enough to cause real mayham.

We have had a few adoptions. The babies went to a new home. Daddy and midnight went to a new home, and today Snicker & Sweet Pea went to a new home. It's been fun to see them all go, people absolutely love them, we are so lucky to have them go to such great homes.

The babies were named Winnie and Squeakers.

Yesterday I picked up our newest addition, Spookley who is a grey and orange, red eyed, peruvian male. He is so cute, and he runs FAST--- I put him on the counter and he ran into the sink through a bowl of water and to the other side before I could grab him. Every other pig I have had would not have run into the sink. He will even run right off the end of the couch arm.

So that's about it, here at CNY piggies. Just cleaning cages, finding homes for more pigs and enjoying our time as piggie parents.

Monday, October 18, 2010

New Pig Pics- Mostly Boars (Males)

We have someone interested in 2 boys, so I thought I would finally get the pictures up. I had gone to take pics yesterday, but my battery died after the first shot, then once the battery was charged I went to grab the camera and the kids had lost it. So today I asked them where it is and lo and behold they just hand it over, lol. Should have asked before.

That said we got 2 new boy pigs on Saturday morning who did not come with names, I call them Ratatouille and Roscuro. They do not have to go together, from what I understand they have not been together, but we have them together now.

In a not so funny story the man brought them separated because they were fighting one with his girls (the baby) and the other with his males. I looked quickly and they looked to be female and male, but when I got home I really checked, by pushing down a bit (not hard) above their genitals. Well, both of them had male parts coming out, so I called the guy to tell him I was 100% sure they were both boys. I have to agree the one did look like a girl but only just looked like something could be in there.

He said the baby boy had been with the mother and sister for 3 months now, so more babies might be on the way, but now he knew why they didn't get along well. I actually felt sorry for him, I know the feeling. They might be dad and baby, so I have them together.

On Thursday afternoon we got to pick up two new guys named Pip and Newton. They are spoiled piggies whose owner's child was allergic :( she waited weeks to bring them in, and the daughter looked sad when my husband got them.

Here are Pip & Newton:

And Last Up are Daddy & Midnight who I took better pictures of:
So these are just some of our males, ready to go home. Please fill out an app and get back to me and we can get them set up in your home. :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Looking for A Guinea Pig?

Sometimes it's difficult to get pictures posted of all the newbies. Certain days of the week are very busy for us, though I am able to post, I just don't get to posting their pictures as often as I'd like.

Right now we have another set of girls that is available. They are Brownie & Reeses and they are so cute. Brownie is Agouti brown, and has a short face (not pointy) and I absolutely love her. But I know I can't keep them all. Reeses is also short faced, but is black and some orange, its in big blotches though. These girls are so nice, they just sit there and let you pet them, they don't move around a lot. They have a bigger cage now, and seem to be getting on just fine with us.

This weekend we have 2 new males coming from Cazenovia. They are 3 months and 6 months I believe. I have seen pics, but I would like to take some too, see what I can post for the prettiest pics of them.

Tonight my husband is picking up two males that need to be kept together and they are coming with a pretty cool cage. I can't wait to meet them, I don't think I've seen any pics of them just yet, but sometime this weekend I will post them.

We were able to buy some items at the pet store the other day to give them more houses and play things. We bought and edilog, a hay tunnel, a twigloo (the girls fight over), and a cardboard tunnel. Each has gone to a different large cage and they seemed to really enjoy them. We even got the rabbit her own hay mat that she loves.

So, more pics soon, and if you are interested in a piggie but don't see a specific one you love, email or call and I can tell you what else is available.
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Guinea Pig Chirping

I have read about this and hoped that I would one day hear it myself. I have seen videos, etc, and it seems no one really knows why this happens.

This afternoon while in the living room I hear chirping- real live chirping at first I thought a bird had somehow gotten into the house, but then I ran to the bedroom where our own guinea pigs live, and my little Ayla (formerly known as Gus) was chirping. I grabbed the camera so I could upload it. Isn't it perfect, she's so awesome :)

She does a great job towards the end of the middle and you can hear the dog whine because he can't figure out what her problem is. Sorry the digital camera didn't do a great job but it still got what I wanted, which was to post here and show Jason when he gets home. I hope she does it again.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Goodbye to 4 Male Guinea Pigs Today

We just had a few people here to look at guinea pigs and they took 4 of them home, YEA!!!

I'm so excited to let everyone know that Skids, Mudflap, Lax and Mittens found new homes tonight, and the Available page will be updated accordingly.

The new owners took cages with them as well, and we sent them with food, bedding, hay, and water bottles to get them going. We charged $20 for that, as we had the extra cages and such from the surrendered pigs we have helped.

We are very happy these guinea pigs went to great homes and if they ever need to visit us again, we would be glad to take them.

Our current count of adoptables:  15

Friday, October 8, 2010

17 Pigs for Adoption- 2 Babies Available Soon!

I updated the available page with all of the piggies available for adoption. Some have new pictures. Check it out.

I did contact the SPCA the other day about the 6 pigs they have for adoption but have not heard back from them, as often is the case with humane societies. I may be contacting someone else soon about the problem as I believe they are being ridiculous.

See what Jen has to say about the issue here

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Luminara went home!

Today we got a call from a local piggie lover who had liked the picture of Luminara. They just left and absolutely loved her. They said her picture online didn't do her justice and I agree, I just couldn't get a good one.

But now she is on her way to a new home, and I'm so glad because all of the girls she was housed with have been adopted out. Now it's mostly boys we have left, and the new family.

More pics coming soon!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ellie Went Home- Guinea Pig Adopted

Yesterday we drove up to Fort Drum to place a guinea pig and to pick some up. Ellie was chosen for the trip and went to a sweet couple from Potsdam. They were very nice and knowledgable about guinea pigs. I love meeting people like this. It's great when the guys are so supportive of the guinea pig pets.

In the same area we picked up a family of guinea pigs that belonged to a service member, they are moving out of state, and had been sold two guinea pigs from Petco. Well, you know how it goes, they are promised that they are the same sex, then BOOM! Mom has babies.

When we got there, they had 3 of the 5 babies (who are 7 weeks I believe) and so we brought 5 pigs home. I hope to get pics up soon, but did not take any as I thought I could access his on Craigslist. I will try again later. They are all americans and the daddy is agouti colored brown and crested.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Baby Pictures- Guinea Pig Pups Pictures

Since the babies were brought to us, I have been promising pictures. The darker one seems to be either texel or teddy, and is the smallest (about half the size) of the two. The other is aby. Not sure what the sexes are just yet.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Some Website Changes

I often make changes to my websites. I like to make them better for people to read, easier to get all the information on the page, etc. Today I changed colors, template, and sidebars. Soon I will be changing the header as well, I want something that is more piggie-cute.

Another change on here is the option to rate the posts. I thought that might be fun, and with each post there may be some related links to be found on the web.

In the next couple of weeks I will be adding a wishlist of items we would like to have for the rescue. Mostly it's just tables right now to put all the c&c cages on. But I have been asked to by Silverbeat's Etsy shop so maybe we will get some cool toys for the piggies to play with.

So what do you think of the changes? Anything I should change, add?

Special Notice:

Guinea Pigs are very social animals. If you are considering adopting one, please consider having more than one for improved health and personality.