Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Guinea Pig Babies Need Homes- SOOO CUTE!!

These guys are absolutely adorable and I didn't even want to post them because they are so cute.

First we have Hermione she is about two months old. I want her to have a friend please, she's too little to be alone.

Next are her brothers Harry & Ron, who should go together as well. I wish the picture was better. The red eye tool was horrible.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Gwyn- Pregnant Female Guinea Pig Not For Adoption Just Yet

Yesterday after posting that Gwyn was available for adoption because she was not pregnant I was in the piggie room and realized she looked a little too plump. I picked her up and we hung out a bit, and I felt nothing. I called Jason in to check it out and immediately he felt some baby movement. After that there was lots of movement in there.

So she is definitely pregnant (not our doing, must have come that way). I have no idea when she is due, I thought we got her in November, but now that I look back it must have been December. I don't know when she had the other litter and if this is a back to back pregnancy. We will take care of her and watch her and hopefully she will have a successful delivery. This is the 3rd pregnant pig I got from the same person who gets them from other owners who do not seem to make an effort to keep males and females apart. Poor piggies!

Free Guinea Pig Care Guide

While most pet stores give these out for free, I've learned they aren't the best sources for information to take care of your pet. Through my research in taking care of the 80+ pigs we have had I put together this quick care guide for new and experienced owners. It is one sheet of important guinea pig information.

I am using an email list program to see how many people sign up for the guide because I would like to make updates to it, send out a health care guide later on, and make other recommendations when I learn something new. I hope everyone likes it and I can't wait to get your feedback. Sign up in the right column.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shadow Female Guinea Pig for Adoption

Shadow came from a family in Canastota and lived her whole life alone, in cedar bedding with no hidey or hay. She was terrified of people, and would scurry and scratch like crazy. It sucked, because the people who had her just didn't have time and didn't know what she really needed. At first we had her living with Ayla our resident senior who gets along with ANYONE. We wanted her to have a nice piggie roommate while she adapted to living the life of a loved piggie.

Not that they didn't love her, they just didn't have time and the daughter (as so often) lost interest, and mom didn't even know she had a name :(

Now though, she is much more adapted to being picked up, she lives with all the other girls who are ready for adoption and while she is a bit skiddish she is a beautiful pig. She is just over a year old and needs a home where she isn't alone, and gets some attention.

Daisy is Ready for Adoption

Daisy came to us as the mom of the latest litter. She had 2 boys and 2 girls, the girls have already gone to a new home, and the boys are ready to go. She lives with all of the other girls in the huge c&c cage and is one of the only pigs that will easily let you pet and hold her.

Once out of the cage she sits on your lap and snuggles right in. She is the biggest sweetheart, and she is about a year old so she doesn't pee on you much as she likes to go in her cage. She LOVES hay and veggies, and sleeps on her side in her hidey. She's a fun pig, and will make a good roommate for another piggie.

Lee- Female Guinea Pig for Adoption

Lee used to live next door to a guinea pig named Spike. The owners had one boy and one girl and they never mated, just lived near each other. Spike has since found a home but Lee is still with us. The owners couldn't afford to keep them anymore as one of the parents lost their job, so common in this economy.

She is a couple of years old, but so pretty and well behaved. She never has a problem being pet, and is the easiest pig to pick up, she doesn't mind being pet in her cage, unlike all the others that run away, silly pigs.

Mama- Female Guinea Pig

This is Mama, she came from Fort Drum with a litter of 5 and the daddy. They are all gone to new homes now except for Andromeda, who is our agouti girl. Mama is a nice pig, and gets along with all of the others in the big female cage. She has adapted very well to living with lots of others and is getting very big. She is a healthy girl and is just over a year old. She has lots of love and life in her and is ready to move on, hopefully with her daughter Andromeda.

Gwyn- Female Guinea Pig for Adoption Oneida, NY

Gwyn came to us from a pet owner that could no longer keep her piggies. She had recently had a litter and was so skinny. We had to pick her and the other pig up in Rome and visit my family, so they got to see lots of people that day, we fed them a banana immediately to start bulking them up.

She now lives with all of the other females in our HUGE c&c cage. She is so much bigger now and is very healthy and ready to go to a new home. She is mostly black but has some brown on the backside and white through out. Her previous litter did not survive, as I think she was too young. She isn't pregnant now and we've had her since around Thanksgiving.

Baby boys

We call these guys Remus and Lupin from Harry Potter. They were born in early December and are still quite small.

They are so fun to watch and often take naps outside of their house, just laying in the bedding. They will either lay on their sides, like their mom did, or bunch up into a little puffy ball.

They squeak for their hay, and love apples (but dont give them too many, they are babies). They are handled but will have to get used to their new owner, and should do so very quickly.

Used to being around people as their cage is in the living room, the dogs sniff their cage, and noise doesn't seem to bother them. Nice piggies!

Krueger Male Guinea Pig for Adoption

This is Krueger, he is one of our first pick ups and is the only one left of that bunch. He needs a home where he has his own cage, or a very large cage. He is dominant and likes to be left alone by other pigs. He is absolutely a riot to watch though, and is very good with us humans. He LOVES his hay, and could literally live in it. He likes to run through it, and burrow in it, and eats tons of it too. Very energetic and fun pig, just needs a good owner who would like to play with him.

Andromeda for adoption

This is Andromeda, she is available with our without her mom (Mama). She is about 6 months old now. She came from Fort Drum a family had bought two piggies from PetCo that were suppose to be the same sex and they had a litter. She had 4 brothers and sisters, mom and dad. Only her and Mama are left of the bunch. Very pretty agouti pig with white as well.

Pip and Newton.. males

Pip and Newton.

These guys are 2 years old and come from Chittenango where they were very spoiled piggies. Unfortunately someone in the household was allergic and they finally had to come live with us. They are waiting patiently for a new owner and they must go together because they are bonded. Pip on the left is more dominant, and Newton is such a lover, very nice and relaxed. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby Girls Adopted

Yesterday a sweet little girl came with her dad and chose the baby girls born in December as her new pets. They have a HUGE C&C cage all set up for the girls and took them home. We still have 4 baby boys 2 are white with spots around their eyes and two are brown and black abys. We also have a single female baby girl that is the most beautiful baby piggie I have ever seen.

Special Notice:

Guinea Pigs are very social animals. If you are considering adopting one, please consider having more than one for improved health and personality.