Sunday, October 23, 2011

Goodbye Sweeney- We Lost A Piggie Today

Last year we purchased a guinea pig at the state fair. He was a cute peruvian (black and white), and a good cage mate for our piggies Logray and Vader. While he had been up in the piggie room for quite awhile with the other boys we finally got them down in the kitchen where we could see them more often.

They'd been out there for a couple of months now, and I have to say it's been nice to visit them more when passing by. Today I went to give everyone a slice of apple I had cut up for them. I do this once a week (veggies the rest of the time).

When I put his near him, he didn't move, so I touched him and nothing. Then I moved him and he was stiff, so I knew. I couldn't believe it. For the past couple of weeks he's been vocal, making squeaky noises, but they were just noise, nothing like he was in pain, just joyful little noises like he was getting a treat.

I'm really irritated because we only had him a year, and we got him as a baby. All I can think is something was internally wrong with him, possibly he was inbred at the breeder's we got him from? So, the kids were upset when we told them, and we will bury him tomorrow. The other guys in there seem fine, I'm just annoyed and sad of course.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Guinea Pigs & Mites

Over the last week I've been watching one of our rescues who has been losing hair. I thought at first it was mange because, well, I just thought maybe he didn't get enough vitamin c.

That said, I noticed he was itching A LOT!!!
So I looked it up online and read about mites and noticed he looked exactly like the others who had it. I knew it wasn't lice because we've had that before and just use advantage (the dog kind).

I read that ivermectin is the only way to take care of mites and I really didn't want to go that way without trying something more natural or home remedy(ish).

I found a website that talked about using bag balm (it comes in a green tin), but at the time Walmart was closed and I wanted to find something I could use NOW!!! to help him, poor baby was itching like crazy and had a few open sores :(

In my defense he is mostly black as is his skin so it took awhile to notice the issue. Now back to the issue. I also read on the site that petroleum jelly might help the itching and some people had only used that (vaseline) to cure the mites.

Let me be clear, I am no vet, so I don't technically know that he has mites. But after I used the petroleum jelly, and today used the bag balm, I don't believe he will be going to the vet.

The vaseline seemed to help some and within a few minutes he was moving around a lot better, but the next day (yesterday) I noticed he still wasn't back to normal, so I called walmart to see if they had bag balm, and they had to order it. So today my husband picked it up.

I massaged it into his skin tonight and while I was doing it, I noticed he didnt have any more open sores and wasn't nearly as scabby as he was the other night, so I think the vaseline helped. After putting the bag balm on tonight we kept him out for half an hour, to watch him. He never itched once, he was moving around and seemed much better.

In a few days I'll put more on him, and then in a few days after that as well, but I think we beat this one, without a big vet bill YEA!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

3 Months?! Still attached to them Piggies

It's been just under 3 months since I've posted and I still love the piggies. I was just on Craigslist and I absolutely melt at the thought of how these people treat their piggies.

One piggie is skiddish, and hasn't been played with, meaning it's been lonely and is scared to death when someone touches it, so sad.

Another picture had a female on a wire bottom cage- are you kidding me? That is awful for them, causes bumble foot and lots of pain, again so sad.

I talked to Jen and she has some girls in Central Square that might need a place, I talked to Jason and he is ok with taking the 2 girls in, they may be pregnant, but we can always find homes for the babies. I'm kinda excited to be back in the rescue. I wish we had more room, but I guess we will deal with what we have :( otherwise I'd adopt everyone.

So be on the lookout for more piggies from us. We do have 2 male adoptables but I don't want them going alone and they do NOT get along. One actually lives with our female rabbit and while I know people say not to do that, you'd have to see them together to know you can't take them apart. They are adorable.

Special Notice:

Guinea Pigs are very social animals. If you are considering adopting one, please consider having more than one for improved health and personality.