As part of the adoption you agree to take proper care of the guinea pig you buy. This requires you to do the following:

  • Provide guinea pig pellets
  • Offer fruits and/or veggies daily
  • Be sure they get proper amounts of Vitamin C
  • Provide Unlimited Amounts of Timothy Hay
  • They have a large enough cage
  • Males are separated from females- unless spayed or neutered
  • Always have a water bottle with water in it
  • Chewing opportunites- salt wheels, etc
  • A hiding spot
  • Bedding cleaned at least once a week
  • Coat maintenance if needed
  • Vet care if needed
  • Return to me if you ever need to rehome them- no questions asked 
  • Promise they are not being adopted purely to entertain children
  • Promise they are not to be used for food purposes
These animals generally very easy to take care of, and require more love than anything else. As social animals I encourage you to adopt two together though it is not necessary if you are willing to invest the time they need playing, etc.

Special Notice:

Guinea Pigs are very social animals. If you are considering adopting one, please consider having more than one for improved health and personality.