Sunday, October 23, 2011

Goodbye Sweeney- We Lost A Piggie Today

Last year we purchased a guinea pig at the state fair. He was a cute peruvian (black and white), and a good cage mate for our piggies Logray and Vader. While he had been up in the piggie room for quite awhile with the other boys we finally got them down in the kitchen where we could see them more often.

They'd been out there for a couple of months now, and I have to say it's been nice to visit them more when passing by. Today I went to give everyone a slice of apple I had cut up for them. I do this once a week (veggies the rest of the time).

When I put his near him, he didn't move, so I touched him and nothing. Then I moved him and he was stiff, so I knew. I couldn't believe it. For the past couple of weeks he's been vocal, making squeaky noises, but they were just noise, nothing like he was in pain, just joyful little noises like he was getting a treat.

I'm really irritated because we only had him a year, and we got him as a baby. All I can think is something was internally wrong with him, possibly he was inbred at the breeder's we got him from? So, the kids were upset when we told them, and we will bury him tomorrow. The other guys in there seem fine, I'm just annoyed and sad of course.

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Special Notice:

Guinea Pigs are very social animals. If you are considering adopting one, please consider having more than one for improved health and personality.