Friday, December 3, 2010

Who's Available?

I'm getting lots of emails and calls about the piggies and I need to let you all know who is available, so here goes:

Shadown- All black short hair female, a bit skiddish, wasn't handled enough, is now living with another pig for socialization. Very sweet, but should be handled by an adult for a week or two before letting kids play with her. 1.5 years old.

Mama & Andromeda- Mama is black and white short hair. Andromeda is white and agouti short hair. They are pretty adapted, but might be a tiny skiddish to be handled by new people- pretty normal though.

Lee- Black and white medium hair, her hair is a little silky. She is a bit dominant, but doesn't nip or anything, she gets along with all of the other girls she is living with (6 of them) 2 years old.

Sandy- Mama to be, she came to us pregnant, and is due this month I believe. She is getting huge and lives with 6 other females, but was a bit dominant at first. She is sandy orange and some white, and her hair has a little feather to it. She will be ready to go in January as should be the babies. Mom is 1 yr, Andromeda is 6 mos.

Reeses & Brownie- Sisters that must stay together. Short hair black and orange (reeses) and All Agouti short hair (brownie). They are about 2 years old and so lovable, relaxed, and pretty big.

Optimus & Jetfire- came from a farm (lived in the barn) and are about 2 years old. One is all white with grey on the face and a rust strip around his head as well, with red eyes, that is Jetfire. Optimus is multi colored and medium hair, very shy but they will both sit with you forever and let you love them. They deserve a spoiled home.

Pip & Newton- both short hairs, one black and white, one black and orange/brown throughout. Great guys, relaxed, come from a spoiled home, about 2 years old.

Ratatoille- 6 months, all white with a brown spot around his right eye short hair, red eyes, sweet little guy, a bit skiddish, will adjust easily though.

Spookley- I would call him orange with grey throughout, he's a sweetie, he is peruvian (long crazy hair), about 6 months old, was bought at the state fair, has the tag in his ear still. Still a little skiddish.

Freddie- A sweet boy who loves his hidey and hay. He is a peruvian of white black and brown, and is just adorable. I'm surprised we still have him. About 2 years old I believe.

Kreuger- Dominant and takes some time to adjust, does not like pigs that do not submit to him being the big shot. Will bite other pigs, but lives happily with 6 of them just fine, so it's down to personality. Is great with people, multi colored medium hair, 2 years old (freddies brother). As long as they have enough space they are fine with each other. Can not live in a small cage (ie regular pet store cage)

Spike- abyssinian black and white hair (crazy hair) sweet, gets along with others fine. No pic posted yet, sorry.

Ut & Oh- Horrible names lol, short hair brothers, one white with some brown, the other black with brown and white, 6 months old for both of them. A little skiddish but seem to adjust well with consistent handling. Great boys.

By skiddish I just mean kids should not pick them up until they are used to being handled more often by the family. They can still hold them and pet them, its just they might scratch while being picked up.

And that's all fokes.. if you are interested in certain ones after looking at pics, make an appointment to come. Saturday we have people coming to look at Optimus and Jetfire, but if they do not go someone else is interested.

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Special Notice:

Guinea Pigs are very social animals. If you are considering adopting one, please consider having more than one for improved health and personality.