Monday, October 18, 2010

New Pig Pics- Mostly Boars (Males)

We have someone interested in 2 boys, so I thought I would finally get the pictures up. I had gone to take pics yesterday, but my battery died after the first shot, then once the battery was charged I went to grab the camera and the kids had lost it. So today I asked them where it is and lo and behold they just hand it over, lol. Should have asked before.

That said we got 2 new boy pigs on Saturday morning who did not come with names, I call them Ratatouille and Roscuro. They do not have to go together, from what I understand they have not been together, but we have them together now.

In a not so funny story the man brought them separated because they were fighting one with his girls (the baby) and the other with his males. I looked quickly and they looked to be female and male, but when I got home I really checked, by pushing down a bit (not hard) above their genitals. Well, both of them had male parts coming out, so I called the guy to tell him I was 100% sure they were both boys. I have to agree the one did look like a girl but only just looked like something could be in there.

He said the baby boy had been with the mother and sister for 3 months now, so more babies might be on the way, but now he knew why they didn't get along well. I actually felt sorry for him, I know the feeling. They might be dad and baby, so I have them together.

On Thursday afternoon we got to pick up two new guys named Pip and Newton. They are spoiled piggies whose owner's child was allergic :( she waited weeks to bring them in, and the daughter looked sad when my husband got them.

Here are Pip & Newton:

And Last Up are Daddy & Midnight who I took better pictures of:
So these are just some of our males, ready to go home. Please fill out an app and get back to me and we can get them set up in your home. :)

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Special Notice:

Guinea Pigs are very social animals. If you are considering adopting one, please consider having more than one for improved health and personality.