Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Orphaned Guinea Pig Pups

I got an email today from a very nice lady in Syracuse who just happened to get her hands on 2 orphaned babies born the same night Sara lost hers. We were able to meet her tonight to get our mom (sara) and the 2 babies together to see if we could help them all out.

Sara had been sitting quite still and while still eating and such she just seemed sad :(

The babies started squeaking right away, and we got them all in a cage together. Once we were home I sat down with them all to see if Sara would take to them.

After first it didn't seem like she was interested. But after I put them all on my lap in a nice warm fleece blanket she snuggled on my chest and let the babies nurse for a good 10 minutes.

Now I can't be sure they were actually getting anything and I had already given them some of the kitten formula to be sure, but it looked like it was working. My fingers are crossed and we are looking for any tips to help them bond and such as they (I'm sure) can use a mama.

Originally we thought both babies were aby, but one looks texel to me. Of course we won't be sure until they grow more. Hopefully it all works out. Thank you Jenn from Oswego County Guinea Pig Rescue for hooking us up.
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  1. I'm hoping for the best - it would be wonderful if Sara could nurture them, and they'd be loved.

  2. I hope they make it..the timing sure makes it seem like it was meant to be, doesn't it? They're soooo cute!

  3. Sometimes, things happen for a reason. It is wonderful that this momma who lost her babies and these babies who lost their momma were able to meet. :)

  4. Thanks everyone. I'm so glad they are able to help each other out. What a crazy piggie week we are having.


Special Notice:

Guinea Pigs are very social animals. If you are considering adopting one, please consider having more than one for improved health and personality.