Monday, September 27, 2010

Mama Guinea Pig- Sara

As everyone knows we have been waiting for Sara to give birth. She was quite large and I was getting worried that she would have a huge litter. The other day we stopped feeling the babies moving around so I got even more concerned, but figured it could just be that she was very close.

Well yesterday night around 9pm I went to check on her, and there was blood and fluid, and it all began. I should warn you now that the babies did not make it, they were all born detached from the placenta (cords broken) and had no life to them at all.

We called the local vet after an hour and she offered to take a look but told us that she had never done anything like this and gave us other names to try. She has done other work well, but seemed to be a bit uncomfortable trying to do a cesarean on a guinea pig, as she's only done spays. She told us to call Cornell animal hospital so we did and the on call student had no idea what she was talking about.

Around 1030pm we called our vet back and asked her again what we should do, she said to call another vet and we tried them. They wouldn't let me talk to the actual vet and told me to just leave her be and she'll deliver. If you've ever read about guinea pigs, that isn't exactly the case. They should have all the babies within about 40 minutes of the first contraction. We were well past that.

I should say the Cornell student had told us to check on her every few hours, and as long as she was having a pup an hour she was fine- Umm NO!!!

At midnight we finally saw something coming out, it wasn't moving along well but I cleaned off the face before it was even out, no breathing. She sat for a couple of hours and at 2 another was in the birth canal, I tried to help by sitting with her and when it was out I could grab it, clean it, etc.

At 2:30 she had another and the last at 2:45. I could tell it was the last by her stomach. We sat for awhile and she never even tried to clean them, though I had as soon as they were born. She knew they were gone I think. After an hour I went to bed and got her back in her cage all set up with food, water, etc. This morning we found the after birth, I was glad that made its way out.

She's been eating well and drinking a lot. I am going to keep a very close eye on her to make sure she keeps moving around, eating, etc.

The babies were HUGE, about 4 inches to 5 inches long. Too big to make it out alive I think. She won't ever get pregnant again though, because we are keeping her. While some of the vets (not ours) had said to leave her alone, she looked for me and wanted me to pet her head, hold the water bottle close by, etc.

I talked to our vet again and she said it sounded like she was just aborting them and it took so long because they were already gone. We are keeping a close watch on her and hopefully all will be ok. She is eating, drinking, sleeping now. I do not blame our vet, she was being up front with us. I think were gone way before birth as these things happen with guinea pigs. I am just glad I was there for her at the time.
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  1. Oh no! I know you guys already have a lot of piggies but how sad. At least the mom is ok. Sorry to hear the babies didn't make it. :(

  2. Oh, poor Sara - I'm sorry it ended sadly. You've been so good to her, I'm glad she'll be staying with you now.


Special Notice:

Guinea Pigs are very social animals. If you are considering adopting one, please consider having more than one for improved health and personality.