Sunday, September 5, 2010

2 Guinea Pigs Adopted

Yesterday we met a nice girl Rachel to send Daddy to his new home. The day before we met Mary and she was looking for a female to go along with another agouti (I think) female.

Meeting Rachel was fairly easy and Daddy went to her quickly. He was a laid back piggie, didn't mind others. We did meet in Clay which is one of the few Tractor Supply Stores that sell the 50 pound bags of Guinea pig pellets. They had them (our store still does not :(  and we went to get it. Just so happened that a worker was there and saw that the wrong price was posted so we got it for $8.89 for the whole 50 pounds. Dennis was awesome!! The brand is blue seal and many feed stores carry it, but few TSC do.

Meeting Mary was nice too, she was interested in Wooly bear but she is dominant and within a few minutes of putting her next to Mary's other pig they began nipping each other. I'm confident they would have eventually gotten along but it would have taken time, so we tried another pig. We called her Shadow, she was part aby and part american. They seemed to accept each other well and there still hasn't been any trouble. She has been renamed Sarah and she's enjoying her new coroplast and cubes home.

While emailing with Mary she shared a link with me to show me some other great ideas people are using to give their pigs hiding places. While pigloos are very common guinea pig enthusiasts are replacing them with bunk beds, padded tunnels, sleeping bags (I don't know the actual name, but that's what they remind me of) and cozy corners. In fact Christina who runs a sanctuary for guinea pigs in Oneonta doesnt use pigloos at all. She uses plastic stools and other hiding spaces, so that they have as much room to run as possible.

In the past few days we have added a bunk bed to the upstairs girls cage, as well as a second level loft for their hay consumption. They have a ramp that goes up there, and Jason (hubbie) wants to add a cozy corner up there as well. I will post pictures soon, but they get it all poo so quickly, and yes we have kept up with using the vacuum, now if I could just get that one piggie to give up her water bowl, lol.

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Special Notice:

Guinea Pigs are very social animals. If you are considering adopting one, please consider having more than one for improved health and personality.